Giotto oven

The Giotto – Portable & Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Giotto pizza oven is a unique Polito creation. An authentic refractory wood fire oven on the inside with a stylish, contemporary design on the outside. The Giotto is quite simply the best looking pizza oven on the market.

Made in Australia from premium Aussie components, when you buy a Giotto, you know you’ve bought Australian quality that will last a lifetime.


Weighing in at just 148kg, the Giotto oven is lightweight and portable while still being incredibly tough, rust and crack proof and completely weatherproof. Its sleek and compact design makes the Giotto perfect for backyards, balconies, indoor spaces and even cooking on-the-go with a trailer or food van.

With an internal diameter of 780mm, the Giotto is the ideal family oven and can cook up to five small pizzas at once.

Perfect blend Of Style & Functionality Suited For Indoor & Outdoor Aesthetics

Perfect for the connoisseur of wood fire cooking, the Giotto takes just 20-30 minutes firing to reach optimal heat for cooking pizza, meat, fish, bread or anything else you want to throw in the oven.

Available in a range of eye-catching colours, the sleek, stylish design is perfectly suited to a range of indoor and outdoor aesthetics from rustic and traditional to modern and industrial chic. Colours include black, champagne, copper and shimmering rose.

The Giotto comes fully assembled and boxed with stand or bench mount and other necessary equipment and is ready for delivery Australia-wide. Polito can even provide full installation if necessary.