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DIY Pizza Oven Kits

Are you looking for a backyard DIY challenge? Have you considered building a DIY pizza oven?

There’s nothing better than firing up your very own backyard wood fire oven. Unless it’s firing up an oven you built yourself. With our DIY wood fired pizza oven kits you can build and customise your very own backyard wood fire oven. Great for summer or winter cooking, it will take your barbecue area to the next level.

Besides cooking the perfect authentic Italian pizza, they’re also ideal for cooking breads, roasts and barbecue meats, fish, vegetables and anything else you want to throw in the oven.

Our DIYPolito Oven Kits Comes In A Range Of Sizes

Our DIY oven kits are available in a range of sizes, from the smallest Michelangelo through to the extra large Leonardo.

Our DIY kits are made from the finest materials and come ready to assemble. Our DIY kits include a precast refractory dome and floor, a refractory arch, granite mantle, formwork metal, stainless steel flue kit, insulation blanket, wire mesh, and metal string and equipment.

Optional extras include the round or square steel arch, temperature gauge, single stand and pre-made formwork. We recommend the complete DIY kit with stand and formwork for the full Polito DIY experience.

All components are made from the finest Australian materials. Assembly takes between 25 and 35 hours and requires some DIY experience.


While the Michelangelo is the smallest of Polito’soutdoor DIY pizza ovens, this isn’t any entry-level portable gas pizza oven. With an internal diameter of 780mm, the Michelangelo has space for 2-3 large pizzas at once.


The Donatello is medium sized and the most popular oven in our DIY range. With an internal diameter of 960mm, the Donatello has space for 3-4 large pizzas at once.


The Raffaello is the second-largest of our DIY ovens. The internal diameter is 1,080mm making it ideal for cooking 4-5 large pizzas at once.


The Leonardo is the biggest oven in the Polito DIY range. With an internal diameter of 1,170mm, you can comfortably cook 5-6 large pizzas at once.