Pizza Oven Accessories


Pizza Oven Accessories

Gas & Wood Fired Pizza Oven Accessories

Whatever you need for yourportable gas pizza oven or wood fired pizza oven in Melbourne, we can help. We stock a full range of pizza oven accessories including stands, tools and utensils, equipment, arches and gauges, flues and more.

Whether you’re looking to customise an existing oven, add options to a new oven or find a replacement part, we have what you’re looking for.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Tools In Melbourne

When it comes to cooking traditional wood fire pizzas, you need the right tools for the job. We stock a range of Italian made Falcipizza oven tools. Falci has been making quality tools for almost 100 years. Made from the finest materials, they are durable and heat resistant and designed to stand up to the rigours of authentic wood fire cooking.

With these long-handled oven tools, you’ll be able to cook with even the biggest and hottest pizza ovens while maintaining a safe distance.

Our range of wood fire oven tools includes brass bristle ash brushes, long and short aluminium handles with beech wood end grips and aluminium and stainless steel pizza shovels.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stands

We stock a full range of pizza oven stands specially designed to suit Polito ovens.

  • Donatello II Stands

We stock three different stands for the Donatello II oven: the tower stand, hexa stand and round stand. Australian made from the finest materials, these outdoor stands include firewood storage space and are designed to support the full weight of our Donatello ovens (400kg).

  • Giotto Stands

The Giotto oven can either be bench mounted or stand mounted. We stock both bench mounts and stand mounts. All Giotto stands are made in Australia by Polito and specifically designed to suit the Polito Giotto oven.

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